Michelle Krupka

In 2001 I began my career as a Business Development Professional. For almost two decades I have helped my clients implement strategic solutions for marketing, human resources, security and commercial real estate. Please connect with me to learn more about my professional experience.


A full pipeline is the key to success in business development.Creating this pipeline is different for every industry, company and person.The one consistency is having an organized process and following it. I have worked for companies large, small, organized and disorganized and I believe my ability to create a process for myself, stay organized and help my coworkers become more efficient in their sales process has attributed to my success.

Sales is building enough trust for someone to take your advice.  You have to be credible and you have to be a good connector, but it's also a numbers game and you have to be organized to reach your goals.

I look forward to sharing my experience and ideas with your team and creating the prospecting, time management and organizational structure you need to take your company to the next level.

Michelle Krupka